250 words with reference, due 9/20 8am , , $50 three parts , Chapters 18-19, 24, & 37; 1.    What is the % of children living below the poverty line in the US. Compare this number to that of other industrialized nations. How does the US compare? What do you think living in poverty does to the decision-making of parents when it comes to the quality of their child’s nutrition? What does your research tell you are the top 2 reasons why poor parents are more likely to allow their children junk food than more affluent parents? Reference Counihan, C., & Van, E. P. (Eds.). (2012). Food and culture 250 words ,  Chapters 8, 16, 26-32 2. Activists for cultural identity around the world claim that American foods are “crowding out” local foods because multinational corporations can undercut local producers on price.  Analyze this issue and discuss the impact on the local economy. Reference Counihan, C., & Van, E. P. (Eds.). (2012). Food and culture Part 3: Traits of Academic Writing:  Referring back to the traits of academic writing identified ,write a paragraph reflecting on how you tried to ensure your paper reflected those traits.  ( use the paper that was written on ” The Challenging The Elderly Face in the Community ”  to answer the below question) . In her recent article in Teaching English in the Two Year College, Teresa Thonney outlines six standard features of academic writing:??Writers respond to what others have said about their topic.?Writers state the value of their work and announce the plan for their papers.?Writers acknowledge that others might disagree with the position they’ve taken.?Writers adopt a voice of authority.?Writers use academic and discipline specific vocabulary.?Writers emphasize evidence, often in tables, graphs, and images

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