Due 10/26  3 p.m EST Be on time Attached is previous work, you’re to review the work to come up with the  Strengths and limitations – Provide an analysis of the strengths and limitations of each of the methods your group reviewed. (4 slides) AND 1 slide of  Recommendations for future research – Explain your group’s recommendations to advance the understanding, prevention, and intervention of the issue in the future you’re only doing 4 slides of strengths & Limitations and 1 slide of Recommendations for research Group Literature Review Synthesis Project Guidelines The Group Literature Review Synthesis Project (GLRSP) is intended to improve your collaborative skills and advance your understanding of epidemiological research methods. Working as a team, you and your colleagues select a key public health issue as a case study for exploring the theories, conceptual framework, and methods used in epidemiological research. The GLRSP should incorporate the ideas and concepts you gained throughout this course. With that in mind, expand upon the work you did during the weekly Discussions and Assignments and incorporate that work into your GLRSP. Your GLRSP consists of a PowerPoint presentation and should provide a detailed analysis of the literature from the past 5 years. The presentation should include the following sections: · Title Are racial/ethnic minorities less likely to be compliant with Type II Diabetes treatment compared to non-minority groups? · Background – Provide background information about the public health issue your group selected. · Theories or conceptual framework – Review and explain the prevailing theories or conceptual framework used in the literature to understand the issue your group selected. Methods – Review the literature and describe the methodologies used in the studies to address      the issue your group selected.      Limit your literature review to references from the past 5 years. Strengths and limitations – Provide an      analysis of the strengths and limitations of each of the methods your      group reviewed. (YOUR PART 4 SLIDES) This will consist of 4 slides regarding the areas in      the research presented that were strong, discussing importance of      minimizing bias, confounding variables, and appropriate statistical      analysis performed. The discussion of limitations of the studies will also      be revealed in 2 slides where there may have been bias within the studies,      inappropriate sampling, or other limitations from literature search review      methods as well. Recommendations      for future research – Explain your group’s recommendations to advance the      understanding, prevention, and intervention of the issue in the future. (YOUR      PART ONLY 1 SLIDE) References – Include at least 10      references that support your presentation. All references must be from within      the past 5 years. . The project should be a presentation 20–25 slides in length (not including the title page or references). As this is a group project, only one presentation needs to be submitted for the group. All group members are expected to contribute equally to the project, and all members are responsible for making sure the project is submitted on time. You must cite your sources and include a bibliography that conforms to APA guidelines. Don’t change or add any new articles, use the ones submitted from previous papers attached

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