please write 5 pages of essay about “Infrastructure of your everyday life”

please tell me whats the example you want to use and write!!!!! and USE THE SIMPLE GRAMMAR !!!!

Infrastructures are all around us — “ubiquitous” (Bowker & Star p. 37). Yet they are hard to see as we are taught to ignore them even as they “constrain and enable” (p. 36) our lives. The first two weeks of the quarter will be filled with examples of how infrastructures shape the person, relationships, and community. With this assignment, we ask you to become an infrastructural detective in your own life. This assignment draws primarily on Bowker and Star but also on the concept of “community of practice,” cited by Bowker and Star on p. 35 and the subject of the course in Week 2. Readings and lectures on Forte and Bruckman (Wikipedia) and Irani (Amazon Mechanical Turk) will offer additional examples to help you understand infrastructure and the activities of everyday life.

Observe and reflect: Identify and examine objects and systems in your everyday life and ask whether they meet Bowker and Star’s definition of infrastructure on page 35. By system, we mean interconnected functional objects or organizing “structures” (e.g. libraries, the legal system, freeways, search engines). Observe and take notes on the activities that take place around the system. Reflect on whether these objects meet Bowker and Star’s definition of infrastructure.

Describe, analyze, and argue:

Choose one object or system that you believe meets Bowker and Star’s definition. Write a detailed description and analysis of the chosen object or system, making the case that it meets Bowker and Star’s definition of infrastructure (p. 35). Your answer should include answers to the following questions which are drawn from a subset of Bowker and Star’s definitional points:

  • Embeddedness: In what other structures, social arrangements, and technologies is your chosen object or system sunk into or embedded?
  • Reach or scope: How does this object or system reach across time or space, beyond a single event or practice?
  • Learned as part of membership: What communities of practice take-for-granted or rely on this chosen system or object?
  • Links with conventions of practice: What common activities take place around, through, or in response to the chosen object or system?
  • Embodiment of standards: What kinds of standardization does the chosen object or system require in order to function?
  • Becomes visible upon breakdown: What kinds of breakdowns make the chosen object or system visible? How does it fade into the background when the chosen object or system is working as designed?
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