4 page double space mental health disorder in nursing due 10/5/2020 1. Complete a search and find 2 journal articles related to Generalized Anxiety Disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder. After reviewing the articles, do a 2-page summary on the article and reference it according to APA. use the attached textbook and 2 other source. 2. Go on to the NAMI.org website and find out what resources and treatment are available for the client with Anxiety Disorders. Choose one disorder and focus on available resource for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder . Summarize your finding of the resource available for the disorders and what you found from the website. This will be a 1-page summary of what is available and a description of the resource- how to use it and any other information that is important. use the attached textbook and 2 other source. 3. Develop a one-page nursing Teaching Sheet , which will include 4 of the most important things to teach a client with an Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia. Make sure to reference the source that you used- you many want to use the attached textbook and 2 other source.

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