Based on

Introduction/What is the problem? Give a brief overview of the issue you plan to further explore.
State the problem in one clear and conscience sentence. Provide support from a reliable news source(s).

What concepts and/or theories you will research to help explore your issue? While the concepts and theories may change as groups do their research, do some initial thinking about what concepts/theories might help with understanding the consumer problem. Use the course text and journal articles to find concepts and theories.

How will you collect data? Who is your sample? Why? How will you collect data (e.g., online, paper surveys etc.), where will you collect data (e.g., on campus, at the library, etc.), and from what sample (e.g., college students, faculty, friends, etc.)? What methods will you use (e.g., survey, interviews, ethnography, etc.). Will you use primary data (yes), secondary data (maybe), or both (maybe)? WHY? (Hint: use some ideas from the research methods class to help support your decisions).

you are trying to solve or address a consumer problem.
Think about how the research/data will help you solve your consumer problem

Please answer each question alone.

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