We are required to write a 2,000-word essay on ONE of the following

And my requirement is to write down quick notes about how you analyze the passage like this.

Because I have to present the whole passage in class and explain the points.


1. Mainstream media increasingly document a link between climate change

and species loss. As a May 19 article in The New York Times puts it, “When

combined with the other ways humans are damaging the environment,

climate change is now pushing a growing number of species, such as the

Bengal tiger, closer to extinction.” What role, if any, should de-extinction play

in addressing this overall trend?

2. In his discussion of the ethics of reviving long-extinct species, Sandler

employs the notion of “luxury conservation.” Outline what this concept

means and whether or not it is helpful in thinking about how to prioritize our

responses to climate change. In your discussion contrast two forms of

conservation that have nothing to do with de-extinction, showing why one is

likely to count as a form of luxury conservation while the other is not.

3. Critically assess the notion of “environmentalism of the rich.” To what

degree, if at all, is it helpful in thinking about how to respond to climate


4. Brown suggests that profit-seeking firms such as Beyond Meat can play a

positive role in addressing climate change. How would Dauvergne respond

to this claim? Which view of the role of business is ultimately more plausible,

Brown’s or Dauvergne’s?

5. Identify the diet that Boucher recommends and compare it to the diet endorsed in Cowspiracy. Which diet is ethically superior and why?

Please choose a topic first. It must be the section you are good at to understand or you have read this information.

I will send the information related to the topic later, or you could find those materials online.

Please tell me the thoughts and key points of each part you want to express,when you are writing this paper,(You can leave a message to me.)

Eg: You analyze this article to express an argument that you got the idea from the original page or how you analyze (please list pages or paragraphs, why use this part). This requirement is very important. If you accept this assignment, please follow it.thank you. .

I hope that you can accept this assignment and start doing it. I hope that we can keep in touch every day to discuss how to make the essay better

This very important essay requirements:

substantive points •

Your essay should show that you understand the ideas we’ve been looking at and can critically analyze them Aim to spend one third or slightly more of your essay summarizing the key points of the relevant reading(s)

In the summary portion, don’t try to capture every point from the reading, just the most relevant ideas

In the critical portion give reasons for the thesis you are putting forward

To do well you need to demonstrate intellectual originality, by introducing some new thought beyond the readings and lectures

How to show originality

You can critically analyze a theory we have examined by, for example, pointing out a contradiction or flaw

• Alternatively, if you agree with a theory, you can show originality by addressing a possible objection, or applying it to an issue we haven’t looked at

• Regurgitating lecture points is a mistake!

• Throw away the lecture slides and focus 100% on the readings directly

First essay:

mechanical points Take note of instructions on Canvas Referencing How? style’ What? When

• No penalty for going 10% over or under word limit. Notes and bibliography do NOT count toward word limit

. • Long block quotes are discouraged. Best to put key points in your own word

. • For referencing, Chicago, MLA or Harvard styles are all acceptable

• But note that you need to include a main text word count, which is easier to determine if your referencing system uses footnotes rather than in-text citations Chicago notes and bibliography format is probably the easiest :

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