Write a 2 page (double-spaced) paper on the topic: “Physical Geography of X country”

Choose any country in the world and write a 2 page research paper about the physical geography of that country. (Does it have mountains, rivers, deserts, etc. – if so name and describe them. What is the climate like there? How do people adapt to the physical geography there?)

Grammar and spelling count towards the grade, so be sure to run the spellchecker and/or have someone review it for you before you submit in order to ensure you earn maximum points.

Do not copy/plagiarize from your online resource (it’s going to be auto-checked by Turnitin.com/Vericite) and be sure to include your information source URL and date retrieved at the end of the paper!! This includes copying sentences word for word. You should have no more than 3 directly quoted sentences from your source – and those should have “quotation marks” around them with the source name and year cited behind it.

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