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With work and family, I have found that completing other classe work during the week and holding this class for the weekend allows me to spend more uninterrupted time to focus just on this class. The e-text is very helpful, and I reference them quite often. I use the explanation portion of the problems first and write out the example problem to help guide me through my work. When all that fails, I ask my husband for help. He’s great at math and he helps me by walking me through the order of operations with simple instructions and rules. I usually watch review the practice problem, examine the instructions, then dive right in. When I get stuck and frustrated, I read the text and if that doesn’t work, I ask my husband.

Mastering Content:

So far, I have struggled with integers and exponents. I sat at my table for three hours one day last week on one topic before I gave-up. The rules are still very confusing. Addition and subtraction methods differ from multiplication and dividing of the positive and negative numbers. Once I complete a topic, I feel good and confident about solving the problems. I get a since of relief. Math takes me completely out of my comfort zone. I get very frustrated and anxious when it comes to solving math problems. However, I will not let this defeat me. It may take hours of trying and reading and asking question before I solve one single problem, but I can say once I get it, it feels so good. Once I solve 2-3 problems, I get my confidence back. I hate asking for help and needing explanation in the simplest terms but when all else fails I do.”


“I find that the best study strategy for me when it comes to math is purely consistency. Unlike other subjects where I might be able to get a way with just an hour here and a couple there, sporadically throughout the week, I really have to make sure I find time everyday in order to practice. I find that videos for me tend to aid in my learning process more so than text books. I have used the khan academy videos you can find on you tube to help explain some topics. Initially when I open ALEKS, before I start a new topic I will review the explanation 2 or 3 times while working the problem out my self until I know I understand the concept, then I’ll begin the exercise.

The log problems I had most trouble on. I think they gave me the most trouble mainly because I freaked myself out about them before hand. It wasn’t something I had done before so I let that fuel my anxiety about the topic. However, I took it slow, read the explanation thoroughly and did the practice, eventually the topic became easier. I do feel as though having successfully made it through the logs topic it has given me a more positive mind set when approaching new and unfamiliar topics in ALEKS.”

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