Exercises 2.4

Complete problems #1 and #7. Show work.

For problem #1, you should have four outcomes in your tree diagram but only three outcomes listed in your probability model (two outcomes are the same).

For problem #7, you should have 8 outcomes in your tree diagram but only four outcomes in your probability model (some outcomes are technically the same).

  • Be sure that you create a tree diagram for each problem.
  • Label the each diagram correctly (with both titles & probabilities)
  • Include a probability model for each problem.
  • Round decimals to three places in your probability models.

1. Fourteen red marbles and sixteen green marbles are in a bag. Two marbles are picked out one at a time and replaced after they are picked. Build a tree diagram and probability model to show the different combinations of marbles that could be pulled out of the bag.

7. A baseball player is a .400 hitter. This means that he gets a hit (single, double, triple, or home run) 40% of the time he has an at-bat. Use a tree diagram to build a probability model that shows the probability of the player having 0, 1, 2, or 3 hits if he has 3 at-bats in one game.

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