This is a writing assignment that requires 2-3 typed pages analyzing one (1) of the three listed serial killers

John Wayne Gacy

Ted Bundy

Robin Gecht

You will choose one of the above listed serial killers and write a 2-3 page paper that analyzes how the killer was able to commit so many murders before getting caught

Your analysis MUST include the following information

1)A brief biography of the killer

2)When and where was it believed that he first began killing?

3)How many victims?

What was the killers M.O. (Method of operation)? How did he commit the crimes?

. How did he get caught?

. What happened in court and was the sentence of the court carried out and when?

Summarize how you feel about this killer and what they did.

The paper must be written in a story format and not just simply answering the questions.

Follow the directions carefully in order to ensure the best possible opportunity to maximize your grade. If you don’t follow all the directions or fail to include the information required above you will be deducted points.

The paper MUST have a separate title page, and a separate bibliography page listing your sources. Those two pages DO NOT count toward the total page count. Your paper can only be in 12 pt font with Times New Roman font as the format. You must double space the paper. (Do not single or triple space or you will be deducted points). You must staple your paper. You will lose points if you fail to staple your paper together.

You MUST have at least 3 references that you list in your bibliography. IF NO SOURCES LISTED YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A GRADE

The paper MUST be submitted in class on Oct 1, 2019. If you do not have the paper in class on that date the paper will not be accepted late. No papers will be accepted late! NO EXCUSES.

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