Please prepare for a 15-20 minute (15 slides not including title and references pages) class presentation on the topic of “Motivation” in Healthcare Communication. Please search out an article online on Ebscohost, Academic Search Premier or Medline and find a recent research article (not too long, maybe 10 pages or less) that highlights this topic and concept that you could present in class. Take some content from this research article and make a class presentation, with an accompanying powerpoint or other slide presentation. For that class presentation, email me 5 fairly obvious quiz questions, with answers, and a PDF of the article, no later than noon Tuesday the day before your in-class presentation.

It’s a group presentation for three people so each one of us should talk in a couple slides

and the quiz question make them multiple choice and easy one fill in the blank.

I just need one more thing because there are quiz quesetion in the presentation make the font bold to make it easy for the classmates know what to study.

For example: Slide 2 : motiavation is an important thing. ( make it in bold font)

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