What is the independent variable? (2 points)


What is the dependent variable? (2 points)




What is the general shape of the graph line? (2 points)

A positively sloping diagonal

A negatively sloping diagonal

A half-parabola

A hyperbola


What general equation is suggested by the graph line? (2 points)

y = mx + b

y = k(1/x)

y = kx^2


You will now use Graphical Analysis to calculate the slope of the line. Choose Analyze from the menu. Select Automatic Curve Fit. Select the proper stock function from the list. (Hint: Your answers from question 1 should help you make the proper selection.) Just below the graph you will see the slope value. Remember that the symbol for slope is “M.” When you choose OK to get back to the regular graph screen, you will see a little box on the graph. This box also shows the slope value. (Remember that slope is “m.”)

If you are unable to use Graphical Analysis, you can also graph your data on paper to determine the slope. Hint: to determine the slope, use the formula m = (y2 – y1) ÷ (x2 – x1).

What is the numerical value of the slope of the line? Show your work. (2 points)


Reread the Introduction section of this activity. Write a brief conclusion for this activity. (4 points)

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