my name ( stev ) I live with my family ( my wife , son and daughter ) since starting college I have had to face several challenges. As a father I have had to learn how to seek my education, and balance my responsibilities to my family. It is often hard to provide for a family while donating time as a full time student. Often it can feel like a juggling act to balance work, study, and spend time with my family. I have a goal to provide a better life for myself and family that makes the struggles I face worth it.I have found a career goal that I truly wish to meet. I would like to be an educator in future. I have a deep interest in computer and networks that has made me wish to be a computer engineer . The biggest success I have had in my education is Enrolling in college and seeking a career that requires a higher education is a success for me in itself.

Words Used: of 200

Words Used: of 200

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