1) Organization of Delivery Points

Describe your commute to school using 3 different organizational patterns. You may choose from any of the following ways:

  1. Chronological order
  2. Sequential order
  3. Spatial order
  4. Compare-Contrast Patterns
  5. Advantages- Disadvantages Patterns
  6. Cause-Effect Patterns
  7. Problem-Solution Patterns
  8. Topical Patterns
  9. Order of importance

Note: You should have 3 separate paragraphs in total; one for each pattern. Label them according to the organization pattern you chose for each

2) Effectiveness: Rewriting Sentences

Instructions: Complete all 3 of the exercises below and report on your experience with each one.

  • Was this an easy or difficult exercise for you? Explain why or why not?
  • Tell how each one is important in business communication.
  • Go through your email and find an email you wrote to your boss/professor. Was it positive in tone? If not, what could’ve been changed? Did you use the “you” viewpoint?
  • Consider the last time you gave someone feedback. Was it given in a professional tone for effectiveness? How do you know? (Give a brief analysis.)
  1. “You” viewpoint. Rewrite the “I” sentences to make them “you” sentences: http://youngcommunication.com/twtk/2.7-you-viewpoi…
  2. Positive tone. Rewrite these negative sentences to give them a more positive tone: http://youngcommunication.com/twtk/2.12-positive-t…
  3. Giving effective feedback using a professional tone. Rewrite these evaluative sentences to give the feedback an appropriate, professional tone for maximum effectiveness: http://youngcommunication.com/twtk/8.1-giving-feed…

3) Comments on the videos: Your comment/observation/experience must be about the topic in general or about the content in the video.

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