Written Assignment 2: Digital Media Literacy

Written Assignment 2: Digital Media Literacy

For this paper you will draw on your knowledge of content pedagogy to assess how the following six factors associated with online reading-to could impact how you plan and teach lessons that utilize digital media literacy.

1. locating information with a search engine,
2. questioning credibility of information,
3.confirming credibility of information,
4. identifying main ideas from a single online resource
5. synthesizing information across multiple online resources,
6. communicating a justified, source-based position.

This paper must:
– Be at a minimum 3 pages, excluding references
-Use the most recent APA format
– Reflect graduate-level language usage, conventions, and content
-Provide specific, and if necessary, cited research to support your assertations
– Adhere to any additional requirements set-forth by the course instructor

Here is the article that discusses the six factors in-depth: a link to the full text can also be found in the overview for this module.

, Journal of Literacy Research

  • DOI: 10.1177/1086296X18784640
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