Total word count: 350 Remember – respond to one of the prompts below and include your own question for your classmates to respond to. A reminder – as always, the online discussions should be treated the same as in class discussions in terms of professional discourse and the respect that you show your fellow group members. For a few prompts for this week’s discussion – please watch the short (10 minute) film The Lunch Date. The video is embedded below. 1) In the short film The Lunch Date , the ending is often interpreted differently by different audiences. How do you interpret the woman’s laughter? Was there a lesson learned by this character? What makes you think so? What makes you think not? Was her laughter meant to signify something else to the audience? 2) In the short film The Lunch Date what are some of the ways that the filmmakers are able to convey theme and ideas quickly to audiences? In what ways are they subtle? In what ways are they overt? In your opinion what are the strengths and weaknesses of shorts like this in conveying messages as opposed to traditional feature length films? 3) In the film Moonlight questions of identity are important – both in how one sees themself and how they are seen by others. How do the names that the main character goes by throughout the film (as well as how they get those names) help highlight some of the issues of identity?

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