Welcome to Writing at Work! After you have completed the reading for the week, write an email to introduce yourself to your peers. The name of your thread should be what you would include in the subject of the email. As you compose your email, keep in mind the following: You are addressing a group you will work with in a professional capacity for at least 15 weeks. Let us know something about you, but don’t share anything you wouldn’t want repeated. You should include what you perceive to be your relative strengths with regard to writing at work. What types of tasks would you feel most comfortable taking on? You should also include what aspects of writing at work make you feel least comfortable. What types of tasks would you not be as suited for? What do you hope to learn in the next several months? Next, in an attachment, choose one of the following two prompts and write a letter, taking into account the purpose, audience, and appropriate style for the task. Your organization has been contracted to complete a project for an important client, and you were charged with managing the project. It has unfortunately become clear that your team will not meet the deadline. Your supervisor has told you to contact the client in writing to alert them to the situation and wants to be cc’d on the message. Write a letter, which you will send via email, addressing the above. After a year-long working relationship, your organization will no longer be making use of a freelancer’s services due to no fault of their own. Write a letter alerting them to this fact.

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