1.Please read attached bellow about Real Food, Literature of Food and answer the questions bellow.

During this week’s lecture, you learned about how and why food memoirists attach larger meanings to their stories. What theme(s) / larger meaning(s) does Adichie’s food memoir essay “Real Food” set forth? Does she imply her theme(s) or directly state it/them? Does she use any food symbolism to bring her theme(s) to light? Explain.

2. Draft Signature Assignment Part 1

Food Memoir

Prompt: Select a food-related memory from your life to write about. Then, compose a 750-1000 word narrative essay in which you bring this experience to life. Your essay should a) describe the memory using specific descriptive details and b) offer a clear purpose for telling the story (explain what you learned from the experience) (NOTE: this essay should be told from first person point-of-view).

I wrote Three short different food stories that related to me, you can choose one of them and add more to it.


  • The first time I tasted a certain food / dish
  • The last time I will ever eat a certain food / dish
  • The best meal I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant
  • The worst meal I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant
  • A meal I cooked for someone special
  • A meal someone special cooked for me
  • A food / dish that will always remind me of a certain person
  • A food / dish that will always remind me of a certain place
  • A food / dish that will always remind me of a certain time in my life
  • A food / dish that makes me mad
  • A food / dish that makes me happy
  • The most expensive meal I’ve ever eaten
  • If I had to eat the same meal every day of my life it would be
  • A food that did (or did not) meet my high expectations

Do not feel limited by the above topics; pick a topic you are passionate about!

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