An annotated bibliography is a specialized list of journal articles, normally developed for a specific purpose. I’ve included links in this week’s content folder that supplement what I presented in this week’s lecture. For this week’s writing assignment, you’ll develop an annotated bibliography with at least 3 annotations (articles). Follow the same format for each of your annotations. I’ve provided a sample which you can use, but I think it would be helpful to add fields for the type of study (e.g. survey, case study, qualitative interview, text mining, etc), and theoretical basis. This is your annotated bibliography, not mine. This is a chance to use a class assignment to advance your dissertation work. Please keep that in mind and write this for yourself and your future use as a researcher, not something you’re turning in for a grade.

please see how to write in below attached :

after finishing assignment i need to replay for other post also ?

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