i also put some infomation u need in the file blew.

Week 4 module


The documentation plan is the beginning point for our final report. Page 2 of the syllabus(in the file pic name: syallubs 2) lists the individual components of the report. Our document plan will show us the importance of planning a project, identify potential problems, and keep on track to completing the project in a reasonable time.

Our documentation plan is more basic than the process described in the textbook, which is quite a complex plan. But thinking back to the video on engineers and managers communicating, the biggest challenge is putting together a workable plan.

When I set up the syllabus, I set up many of the deadlines for the Report draft as well as the Report final. The Technical Writing Process map on page 32, which contains the document plan as part of the Plan Step, is repeated throughout the textbook. Even so, as we think about our dream jobs and how we can contribute, we will face situations where a good, well-thought out plan can save the company money — and probably your job!

This Report final can be used as an example of your work for the industry or your prospective company.

Tip: Don’t be confused about the title “technical writer.” In your dream job you will be writing something, and the information will be specific to the company or industry, or “technical” in that the everyday person may not understand the jargon. The goal is to be flexible and contribute in an effective manner.

Reading assignment:

Technical Writing Process, chapter 2, pp. 31-49.(I put in the file(chapter 2.rar))

Discussion assignment:




Written assignment:

Now is the time to put your documentation plan on paper. This is the plan you intend to follow to complete the Report final, which is the revised version of the documents listed under the Report draft section on the syllabus, page 2. Remember, plans are made with flexibility in mind.

Our documentation plan will use the modified structure from pp. 37-40 as follows:

I. Content

Purpose – think about how you could use the Report final for your dream job(my dream info

Job Title: Administrative Manager

Company: ABM Industries Inc.

Location: In San Francisco, CA in United States

) application or job interview. Include the three responsibilities, duties, or skills (50 to 75 words)
Deliverables – these are the individual components of the Report draft & Report final (25 to 50 words)
Audience – identify your readers; use pp. 43-49 for an in-depth discussion about audience (35 to 50 words)
Process – shows how you expect to accomplish the task of completing the Report draft & Report final versions – list the appropriate assignments. Use the format below, and modify the bullets in the textbook as necessary (100-200 words):

  • Plan
    • Activities (what you will be doing and when)
    • Outputs (what you expect to accomplish)
  • Structure
    • Activities
    • Outputs
  • Write
    • Activities
    • Outputs
  • Review
    • Activities
    • Outputs
  • Publish (week written assignments are due)
    • Activities
    • Outputs

Resources – you will be required to locate ten sources of information for the fact sheet next week; for now, list the information for your dream job (35 to 50 words):

APA format –
[Title of page or job description. The date you accessed the information. Provide website as direct link to the dream job.]

Training and Development Coordinator at PlastiPak Packaging
. Retrieved 14 September 2017 from http://job-openings.monster.com/Training-Development-Coordinator-Plymouth-MI-US-Plastipak-Packaging/11/188057845.

II. Structure

1. One- to two-pages.
2. Put your name and course information at the top of your document plan.
3. Single-space. Check Paragraph menu for Before & After spacing, and Line single-spacing: (picture is in the file (name:screen shoot) 4. Use section headers listed in the Content section above so it will be easy to locate information. Skip a line between the sections Tip: In some circumstances, reading long paragraphs of information can be time-consuming. Try using bullets for ease of reading and as a way of organizing your material.

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