Have an idea!Look at your Daily Cards and see what interested you, bothered you, puzzled you.Quote the relevant sections of your text(s).Be aware of your responses to what you read.Explain them.Use examples from your own experience.

Although it is best to start an essay by Free-writing, the essay itself is not only Free-writing.It is free-written first – perhaps several sessions of Free-writing — and then polished to make a good presentation.Take the best from the Free-writing and put it in your essay.Take the best from your Daily Response Cards and put it in your essay.

It should have a lot to say.

We have read

The Epic of Gilgamesh.We have read some thoughtful essays by Becker.

We have read essays about education and the Intellectual Heritage.

We have read some stories that come from or are about primitive, tribal cultures, and about the poetry of early cultures.

We have read about stories.

We have read several Bible stories.

We have read Plato.

You may take your idea for your essay from any, some, or all of these readings.You may focus on something specific, even very specific,

or on some general idea.

You may raise a question or questions and wonder about possible answers.You may relate your essay to personal experience.

Try to base your writing on something that catches or caught your interest in the readings.

For instance, in the essay on education – “Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League” – a few students argued with the author.They said

that there is nothing wrong with wanting to excel in your profession and to seek security.

Argue with an author if you like.But also think about looking at something from more than one point of view.

Maybe, to keep focused, it would be good to quote from the reading you choose.

Use your wits and imagination; don’t “check your intelligence at the door.”

If you have an idea, give it a shot!

You don’t have to do everything suggested above.

Here are links to the resources. A pdf is also attached with one of the resources.

1. https://templeu.instructure.com/courses/59886/pages/dont-send-your-kid-to-the-ivy-league?module_item_id=1134678

2. You can find “The Crito” and “Gilgamesh” on google

Basically, pick two of these resources and think of two good questions based on them. Answer both of these questions in 2.5 pages, making a total of 5 pages double spaced. It is important to thouroughly answer the questions, so be specific.

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