• 750900 words (plus an APA cover page)
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced lines
  • 1st person point of view
  • Does not contain research or use outside sources in its development

WHAT: Write an essay in which you describe the potential research strategies, arguments, and ideas you will use to develop your upcoming 10-page research-based persuasive essay.

HOW: BRAINSTORM: Choose an issue about which you feel passionate—an issue where you see a need or a problem to be solved. You will later base your annotated bibliography and your persuasive essay on this topic, so choose carefully!

THESIS: I plan to research ________________________, ___________________, and ______________________ sources in order to define (PROBLEM or NEED) ____________________________________________________________________ and propose (WHO OR WHAT) ____________________________________ implement solutions of _____________________________________________________________________.

RHETORICAL STRUCTURE: In EACH of the sections below, remember to include potential sources of information you intend to research (meaning: sources you still need to find) and actual sources of information you are using to inform your argument now (meaning: you found these recently and have thought about and/or analyzed them). Organize your essay as follows:

  • INTRODUCTION: Hook your reader with sentences showing the urgency of the problem or need, and close with your thesis statement.
  • STATEMENT of the PROBLEM or NEED: What do you think the problem or need is? What information do you need to discover about the problem or need? Where do you intend to discover that information?
  • POTENTIAL CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM OR NEED: What do you think caused the problem or need is? What information do you need to discover about cause of the problem or need? Where do you intend to discover that information?
  • POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEM OR WAYS TO SATISFY THE NEED: What do you think can solve the problem or satisfy the need? What information do you need to discover about solving the problem or satisfying the need? Where do you intend to discover that information?
  • POTENTIAL ACTORS TO SOLVE PROBLEM OR SATISFY NEED: Which potential people, institutions, or organizations, including political bodies, can take action to implement the solution or satisfy the need?

REVISE the entire document several times to ensure you have conveyed your thoughts clearly, you have developed your paragraphs with details, facts, reasons, examples or evidence, and you have shown logical transitions from one paragraph to the next.

REMEMBER to SUBMIT your draft(s) to your WRITING SPECIALIST in your Online Writing LAB (ENG 3106). Your OWL WRITING SPECIALIST will help you develop a polished, well-crafted final version of your work.

APA Citation: This assignment does not require outside research. However, doing your own personal academic research is strongly recommended. The finished essay should not need in-text citations or a References page. The assignment does not require an abstract. The assignment does, however, require a properly formatted APA cover page.

WHY: This essay will help you determine specific details to be addressed in the upcoming 10-page research-based persuasive essay, offer possible research source locations, and predict those who might implement the solution to your position on the topic. This assignment demonstrates writing as a process that requires substantive revision, and it allows practice using writing strategies and appeals.

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