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I have interviewed a patient with Parkinsonism few weeks ago. he lives in Epping ,nsw, Australia.He was 81 years old, has married, he currently lives with his family. he has two sons and three daughters and six grand children. He was diagnosed in 2016. currently under medications for Parkinson’s. His wife and children have to look after him because ,He has tremors and he shivers. He cannot drive now because of the Parkinson. his vision and hearing is slightly impaired. he has hallucination episodes therefore visits a psychiatrist, he has stiff muscles, slow movements and difficulty maintaining balance and walking. he has gone to support group here in Australia , conducted by Parkinson’s Australia. But he is not finding it as helpful.

Assignment details:

write a personal narrative using 800 words, about the experience as a Parkinsonism patient. please check the below attatched photos for details. references do not required.

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