Midterm Critical Production Review Assignment

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For your midterm essay, worth 10 points towards your final grade, please write a thoughtful short essay of about 600 words that addresses the following prompt:

How do the various DESIGN ELEMENTS in either the Jerry Herman Ring Theatre production of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS or the Hecht Studio Theatre production of THE MOTHERFU**ER WITH THE HAT help tell the story, set the mood & introduce the audience to the “world of the play”, convey the “message” of the production, etc. (Or, if you feel they do not do that, please describe the elements in question and critically explain why they do not help.)

Please isolate and describe SPECIFIC MOMENTS, SPECIFIC DESIGN CHOICES, etc. related to the SET DESIGN, COSTUME DESIGN, LIGHTING DESIGN, or SOUND DESIGN to answer this portion of the question. You should also incorporate quotations from the readings on WHAT IS DESIGN? to help bolster your discussion.

Please DO NOT REVIEW THE ACTING!!! I would like this paper to focus on the Design elements, rather than the acting.

This paper will be due on SUNDAY October 13 by 11PM. PLEASE PRINT A PAPERY COPY and bring it to class on Monday, as well as submit an MS Word document through the ASSIGNMENTS tab on blackboard.

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