Write a program to create a customer’s bill for a company. The company sells five computer gadgets which are CD, keyboard, printer, pen drive and speaker. The unit prices are RM60.00 per pack, RM130.00, RM850.00, RM65.00 and RM72.50, respectively. The program must read from the keyboard the quantity of each piece of equipment purchased. It then calculates the cost of each item, the subtotal, and the total cost after 3.25% sales tax. The input data consist of a set of integers representing the quantities of each items sold. Example of the input is shown below: How many pack of CDs were sold? 5 How many keyboards were sold? 120 How many printers were sold? 35 How many pen drives were sold? 235 How many speakers were sold? 83 QTY DETAILS UNIT PRICE (RM) TOTAL PRICE (RM) —— ———— ———————– ————————— XX CD 60.00 XXXX. XX XX KEYBOARD 130.00 XXXX. XX XX PRINTER 850.00 XXXX. XX XX PEN DRIVE 65.00 XXXX. XX XX SPEAKER 12 .50 XXXX. XX ————————————————————————————————————- SUBTOTAL : RM XXXXX. XX TAX : RM XXXXX. XX TOTAL : RM XXXXX. XX Hint: Use constant for the unit prices and the tax rate. To display the output format, use predefine function setw() and setprecision() in header file #include

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