In the first part of this assessment, students will analyze the case study, A&D High Tech (A): Managing Projects for Success, which includes a scenario along with a work breakdown structure and other pertinent project requirements. Students will write a report assessing the company’s resources and then develop a highlevel budget and schedule for the project discussed in the case study.

Note: The case studies for this project regularly reference the use of MS Project. While MS Project is a software tool that is often used for project management, the focus of this course is to understand the process, not this particular tool. As such, you will not be using MS Project to submit case study assignments. Suggested templates needed to complete the critical elements of the final project are listed in the Project Management Plan Template.

Prompt: Write a brief introduction and complete the first three sections of your Project Management Plan using the template provided. The first three sections of this plan will cover the project manager’s record for the project overview (roles and responsibilities), project tasks (description, time, and dependencies), and project resources (alignment and evaluation). Go over the activities you completed in Modules One and Two to help you with this milestone.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Project Overview A. Roles and Responsibilities: Identify the project leader and the other stakeholders involved in the project. What are the responsibilities of the stakeholders involved? B. Scope and Schedule: What is the project scope? Identify the key deliverables that are part of the project scope. When does the project need to be completed? Describe the timeline for the project.

II. Tasks A. Description: Describe the tasks and sub-tasks that will fulfill each of the project deliverables. What impact do the tasks and sub-tasks have on the project schedule? B. Time: Analyze the time estimates for task completion. How do the task time estimates impact the project schedule? C. Dependencies: Identify dependencies between tasks. In other words, which tasks must be finished before other tasks can be started?

III. Resources A. Alignment: Align resources to each of the sub-tasks you described. Justify your alignment. In other words, why does the company need the resource types to complete the sub-tasks? B. Evaluation: Evaluate the company’s resources. Does the company have the resources available to support the project? Are there any areas where the necessary resources may not be available to complete the sub-tasks?

Rubric Guidelines for Submission: This milestone will be submitted using the Project Management Plan Template along with additional required templates and spreadsheets. Any outside references should be cited in APA format, but are not required.

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