Your instructor and his team of researchers/investigators at Pacific Paranormal Investigations (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. annually present at local learning institutions and libraries on the topic of paranormal investigating as a science and pseudoscience. The presentation is part lecture and part multi-media, and it covers a range of topics pertaining to the scientific and practical consideration of so-called “paranormal phenomena,” including skeptical inquiry and psychological and cognitive tendencies. However, in good conscience, findings of interest, especially compelling findings, that remain unexplained are not dismissed. Rather, the presentation encourages audiences to set out on their own journey of inquiry with critical thinking and pragmatism as their primary tools, rather than depend solely on belief or disbelief in the existence of “the paranormal.” Then, in a 2-3 page essay inclusive of an introduction/thesis and written in MLA document style, use as a template any of the principles, methodologies, and/or information gleaned from Science and The Beyond to examine another category of pseudoscience pertaining to the supernatural, mystical, or preternatural. Since this assignment asks you to extrapolate and apply what you’ve learned rather than repeat it, the subject of ghosts will be, understandably, off limits. However, other related phenomena such as poltergeists, possession, and demon visitation, are fair game, as are subjects such as “real-life” monsters, alien abduction, doppelgängers, Bigfoot, parallel existence, past life regression, telekinesis, Mothman, clairvoyance and mind-reading, etc. Your essay must use at least two credible outside sources and include a proper MLA style Works Cited in order to earn full credit.

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