This last current event is your opportunity to stretch. I would like you to choose an article that deals with an ethnic, religious, or gender conflict. IT MUST BE INTERNATIONAL. That means, either two countries are discussed in the conflict or the international community is involved (UN, AU, EU, etc). This involvement might take the form of being protagonists or it maybe that that the international community is stepping in. Your task is to analyze the article from the perspective of liberalism. You must put on the hat of a liberalist and look in the article for how your goals as a liberalist are being addressed. If they are not, say so, and suggest how they might be. Please choose an article from one of the following online news sources. NYTimes. com 1. List the article name, author, publication, date and URL. (1 points) 2. Summarize the article (10 points) I am not going to read the entire article, so the more you tell me, the more I will understand the argument you will make in point 3. 3. Critique the conflict from a liberalist perspective (14 points) Your response should be a minimum of 250 words.

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