WORKSHOP REPORT instruction : answer all the questions

I will provide information about the workshop in the following doc.

1. Each student will attend a local family life education and write a report and analysis of your experience in the community including:

2. Explain the logistics of the group? Topic, time allotted, how many people and other details…

3. What were some of the activities that you found productive?

4. What are some of the group dynamics you observed? Anyone dominant? Synergy? What worked well and what did not work so well and why do you think so?

5. Did you have any ethical concerns about this group? Confidentiality? Boundaries? Etc. Please refer to the Code of Ethics

6. How did the FLE group go overall? (FLE means Family life education).

Please note that this is NOT a VERBATIM account of the workshop. You have

to emphasize your perceptions and your experiences of what you observed.

7. What are some of the modifications you would make to the program? If you had to present the workshop again, what would you change or do differently, to improve the workshop.

8. What did you learn from this experience? Here you will process your whole experience and report key things that you have learned — about yourself, about the writing of workshops, about presenting, etc.

9. Based on this experience, what will you AND/OR will you NOT do in your group presentation? In other words, please incorporate at least 3 lessons learned that you will apply in your own group work.

  • In writing your paper, please make sure you use concepts that we covered such as teaching methods, theory, profession of CFLE etc. You need to UNDERLINE or BOLD all of the FLE concepts that you use in your paper (minimum of 3).

I will provide PPT, the concepts are in the ppt.

This is at least 3 page long reaction paper, and just like any other assignment, it needs to include an introduction and conclusion, and an additional cover page.

Each paper needs should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.

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