Step Instructions Point Value 1 Download and open the file named exploring_w04_grader_h1_Retirement.docx , and save it as exploring_w04_grader_h1_Retirement_LastFirst.docx . 0 2 Ensure that the markup view is All Markup. Review the comments. On the second page, reject the replacement of the two words “NOW” to lowercase. 6 3 Accept all other tracked changes in the document and stop tracking. Keep all comments. 4 4 Change all headings to the correct heading styles as per the comments left by your partner. 6 5 Reply to the first comment by typing I have made the style replacement. (include the period.) 4 6 Select the table on page 2, and insert the caption text to read Table 1 : The Future Value of Money (no period). Make sure the caption displays above the selected item. Center the caption. 6 7 Assign the caption Table 2 : Comparisons between a Traditional and a Roth IRA for the next table, as instructed in the comments. Center the caption. 6 8 Select the APA Sixth Edition style. Click before the period at the end of the first sentence of the 403(b) Plans section. The sentence ends in (TSA) plan . Insert the following Web site citation: Name of Web Page: Choosing a Retirement Plan: 403(b) Tax-Sheltered Annuity Plan Name of Web Site: IRS Year: 2014 Month: October Day: 08 URL: Choosing-a-Retirement-Plan:-403(b)-Tax- Sheltered-Annuity-Plan 6 9 Click before the period ending the first sentence of the 401(K) section. The sentence ends with at their workplace . Insert the following Web site citation: Name of Web Page: 401(k) Plans Name of Web Site: IRS Year: 2014 Month: October Day: 14 URL: 6 10 For the first table, replace the Source URL with the following Web site citation: Name of Web Page: The Future Value of Money Name of Web Site: IRS Year: 2014 Month: October Day: 14 URL: 6 11 Insert a footnote on page 2 at the end of the table heading in the Introductio n section (the first line of the table), which ends with 6% annual return . Type the following for the footnote: The calculation did not take into consideration the cost of living adjustment (COLA) . (Do not include the period.) Change the number format for footnotes to a, b, c in the Footnotes dialog box. (Click Apply, not Insert.) 6 12 Insert a blank page at the end of the report and insert a bibliography with the title Works Cited . The bibliography should be double-spaced with no paragraph spacing before or after. 6 13 Format the bibliography with a font of Times New Roman and a font size of 12 pt. Center the Works Cited title. All text in the body of the bibliography should be Black, Text 1 font color. Ensure that no text is bold. 6 14 Create a table of contents, with an Automatic Table 1 style, on a new page positioned between the cover page and the current page 2. 6 15 Mark the following words as index entries, selecting Mark All for each: Contribution , Roth IRA , Traditional IRA , 403(b ), and 401(k) . Create an index entry cross-referencing the words contribution to deduction . 6 16 Add an index on a blank page at the end of the document. Use Classic format and accept all other default settings. 20 17 Insert a footer with a centered page number, using Plain Number 2 format. Do not display the page number footer on the first page. Numbering begins with page 1 on the Table of Contents page. 6 18 Ensure that the second table is on one page, and update the Table of Contents. 6 19 Save the document and exit Word. Submit the document as directed. 0

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