Read the “21st Century Student Outcomes” and “21st Century Support Systems” on the Partnership for 21st Century Skills website. Part 1: Word Cloud Create a word cloud to demonstrate characteristics of 21st-century teacher, learners, and any other relevant stakeholders using a word cloud tool, such as Wordle, or Tagxedo. As you prepare your word cloud, consider the following: 21st-Century Student Outcomes 21st-Century Student Support Systems How the various stakeholders use technology in education Part 2: Digital Portfolio Throughout this course, you will create a digital portfolio that will showcase your leadership and knowledge in various topic areas discussed in this class. Your digital portfolio should include multimedia and be interactive as appropriate?take care not to overuse text as you create this product. Establish a digital portfolio using one of the tools listed in the Technology Resource Library on the College of Education Resources page, or you may use one that you already have. Include the following organizational structures: Title page A tab or section titled “21st-Century Teaching and Learning” Include the word cloud you created in Part 1 Create your own personal 21st-century teaching and learning mission statement to include. Make sure the statement is no less than 350 words. Consider the following as you prepare your mission statement: What is the difference between technology use and technology integration? What is the role of state and national standards and organizations when integrating technology with curriculum? What are some methods for integrating technology into content standards? What are digital and media literacies?

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