Just some information on the Midterm report as a whole:

  1. This is an overview of the information you or your fellow group members have researched so far this semester. Not to say that you will not have to look in anymore into the subjects, but you should have most of the information you need for your report.
  2. I have attached the excel file on the ranking system. You will not be ranking the technology yourselves. Your writing will just be the evidence for each of the sections of the rankings. I do not want any opinions in the writing (even if you really hate it). Please just give the the facts.

Expectations for the Report:

  1. In text citations for the information you include in the report. Make sure to include all citations at the end.
  2. I am expecting 2 pages from you.This can include images and tables when necessary. Feel free to do more if you need, but make sure the work is quality.

Evaluations (given in the rankings excel sheet I attached) that I will need you to provide information on and elaborate.


  1. Feed Stock Availability
  2. Complexity of Simulation
  3. Sustainability — environmental impact, societal impact (i.e. how mad would people be about this, would this mess up their lives or the environment of animals), raw material availability

Uploaded the excel sheet and the research that was done so far. please look into new information on the subject and do not only rely on the provided information and resources. Let me know if you need more info. Attached a 5-year study that might be helpful.

Please make sure that the information are in West Virginia, and if not found, could be from Southern Pennsylvania or Maryland only.

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