1 Start Access. Open the downloaded Access file named exploring_a03_Grader_a1 . 2 Create a query using Query Design. From the Clients table, display the client ’ s first and last name. From the Accounts table, select the savings balance and account open date. Sort the query by savings balance in descending order. 3 Add a calculated field named AccountTime that calculates the number of days each client ’ s accounts have been open. Assume today ’ s date is 12/31/2017. Recall dates must be enclosed in # to denote to Access it is a date. Format the results in General Number format. Save the query as Account Longevity , and close the query. 4 Create a query using Query Design. From the Clients table, display the client first name and last name. From the Accounts table, select the savings balance. 5 Add appropriate grouping so the client ’ s total retirement account savings balances are displayed. Add a sort so the highest total savings balances are displayed first. 6 Switch to Datasheet view. Add a totals row displaying the count of the clients and the average of total savings balances. Save the query as Total Balances By Client , and close the query. 7 Create a copy of the Total Balances By Client query. Name the query Total Balances By State . Open the query in Design view and remove the client name from the query. Add grouping by the client ’ s state. 8 Sort by the client ’ s state in Ascending order. Add criteria so clients with retirement account savings balances of $10,000 or more are factored in to the query. Save and close the query. 9 Create a new query using Query Design. From the Clients table, select the client first name, last name, and state. From the Accounts table, select the Savings Balance. Add criteria so only customers with balances under $15,000 are displayed. 10 Add a new field named LoanPayment using the Expression Builder. Insert the PMT function to determine the monthly payment for a 2-year loan, paid monthly, with a 5% yearly interest rate. The present value is 25000 minus the savings balance. For example, if the purchase price were 25000, with 5000 in savings to put toward the purchase, your present value would be 20000. Ensure the number displays as a positive number. 11 Change the format of the LoanPayment field to Currency. Change the caption to Loan Payment . Save the query as Monthly Loan Payments and close the query. 12 Close all database objects. Close the database and then exit Access. Submit the database as directed.

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