Question-1 Which type of Windows updates below includes new features and extends the functionality of the operating system? A.  Critical B.  Optional C.  Recommended D.  Service Pack Question 2 of 205.0 Points Which of the events below would automatically create a new restore point on your Windows 8 computer? A.  Deleting the temporary files B.  Installing a new printer C.  Downloading music files D.  Creating a new Internet favourite Question 3 of 205.0 Points What is the primary limitation of free versions of antivirus applications? A.  They don’t protect in real time. B.  They only perform quick scans. C.  They cannot scan the Windows directory. D.  They only install on 64-bit operating systems. Question 4 of 205.0 Points You have just purchased a brand new Windows 8 computer. What should you do right away with the Administrator account? A.  Disable it B.  Enable EFS for the account C.  Encrypt its logon D.  Change its username Question 5 of 205.0 Points Which selection below lists two operating systems that include BitLocker? A.  Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Professional B.  Vista Ultimate and Windows 8 Enterprise C.  Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8 Professional D.  Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8 Professional Question 6 of 205.0 Points Which of the actions below will not create more room on your hard drive? A.  Defragging your hard drive B.  Uninstalling an application C.  Deleting temporary Internet files D.  Deleting image and video files Question 7 of 205.0 Points Which of the instances below is an example of a Trojan horse? A.  An attachment in an email that is really a malicious file B.  A link in an email that downloads a virus C.  An executable file that replicates throughout the network D.  A computer game that creates a backdoor into your computer Question 8 of 205.0 Points Which type of Windows updates below is strictly security-related? A.  Critical B.  Optional C.  Recommended D.  Service Pack Question 9 of 205.0 Points You want to run CHKDSK and have it repair any errors it identifies, if possible. What is the command you would type? A.  CHKDSK /f B.  CHKDSK /r C.  CHKDSK /e D.  CHKDSK /RD Question 10 of 205.0 Points Which type of updates should be installed in a test environment before being installed in a live enterprise environment? A.  Recommended Updates B.  regular and optional C.  Service Packs D.  Security updates Question 11 of 205.0 Points You are having trouble cleaning your computer for a troublesome virus. You decide to try to clean your computer while in safe mode. How do you access the menu to boot into safe mode? A.  Press the F5 key before the computer posts. B.  Press the F8 key before the computer posts. C.  Press the F8 key after the computer posts. D.  Press the F9 key after the computer boots the operating system. Question 12 of 205.0 Points Which statement below is not true about EFS? A.  It can only be implemented on an NTFS partition. B.  It requires a user to type in a PIN. C.  It is supported by the Windows operating system. D.  It doesn’t require TPM compatibility. Question 13 of 205.0 Points What is a limiting factor of EFS when compared to BitLocker? A.  It only works on 32-bit operating systems. B.  It only works with a public certificate. C.  It only works under the Administrator account. D.  It only works at the file or folder level. Question 14 of 205.0 Points How is a worm different from a virus? A.  It only targets the windows operating system. B.  It only monitors Internet behavior and is not malicious. C.  It doesn’t require human intervention to spread. D.  It is only distributed through email messages. Question 15 of 205.0 Points Your computer is once again out of hard drive space and you want to see which folders are consuming the most space on your hard drive. Which application below will do this? A.  Ccleaner B.  TreeSize C.  MalwareBytes D.  Auslogics Disk Defrag Question 16 of 205.0 Points You install a new antivirus application on your …

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