Please read the prompt carefully and understand what it is asking. The essay MUST be based and backed up with the information from the articles AND lecture notes I have attached below.

Where is there “gender symmetry” in domestic violence? Where is there asymmetry. Which concept better describes domestic violence in general? What concepts, statistics, examples, or definitions from readings, lectures and course materials support your position?

2-3 pages typed (no creative margins or spacing—all I need is your name at the top), double-spaced 12 pt. font There is no need to provide an introduction or conclusion to the essay. You are NOT required to obtain information from outside sources in writing this paper. In fact, it is expected that you will be using the materials provided below only in your response.


19-20 points: The student has addressed all components of the essay and has logically tied them together. A wealth of material from lecture and readings is included as support for the student’s answer in a meaningful way. The essay is free of grammatical and spelling errors and is structured logically. The “A” essay will go above and beyond a simple and straightforward answer to each of the questions.
16-18 points: The student has addressed all components of the essay. The question is answered in a general sense and lacks sufficient detailed support from readings/lecture or this support is applied in haphazard fashion. The essay that adequately addresses the components of the question without any additional insight will be placed in this category.
14-15 points: The student has not adequately addressed all components of the essay. There is no clear organization to the thoughts that are presented. It is not evident that the study has been reading or following along in lecture. Essays that are based mainly on opinions, experiences, or rely heavily on outside information will be placed in this category.
13 and below: The student has left out key components of the essay entirely. The essay is full of spelling and grammatical errors. It does not appear that any time or thought was put into the structure of the response

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