Videos : [The 2nd and 4th video don’t seem to be working via Blackboard, so I have included the URL’s.] Watch Video Gregorian Chant – “Dies Irae” Watch Video Itzhak Perlman Vivaldi The Four Seasons Spring Watch Video Handel – Messiah – Hallelujah Chorus Watch Video J.S. Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D minor One of the most famous chants is Dies Irae. It was composed in the 13th century. It is a typical example of a Gregorian Chant. It is religious, as was almost all music of the time. It features monks chanting religious text. Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” is by far his most famous work. Out of that work came “Spring”, which is perhaps one of the most recognizable melodies ever written. Handel’s “Messiah” is a longer composition than most people know. The Hallelujah chorus is what most people remember or know from the entire piece. It is a religious piece that is composed in typical Baroque fashion. There isn’t a child who loves Halloween that is not familiar with this melody. It is dark, almost sinister. This is a great example of the type of organist that Bach was. This also shows the use of counterpoint within a Baroque composition. Supplemental Resources: Below are a few pieces of supplemental reading material that illustrate the connections between the Middle Age, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. The Middle Ages The Renaissance The Baroque Age Unit 2 DB: Gregorian Chants When you listen to Gregorian chant/plain chant such as”Ave, Rex noster, fili David” (link below), do you feel that it”stands alone,” or do you feel that it could use harmony, more regular rhythm, or even musical instruments to be more effective? Why? Ave, Rex noster, fili David Please be sure to review the discussion board rubric for this course to ensure that you meet all of the discussion board requirements for future postings. This includes: 4 or more acceptable and timely posts including replies to others Postings that are professional and in standard written English with APA (remember, this means you have an APA formatted reference list at the end of your post as well as internal citations within the post.) All questions and all parts of questions are fully addressed Posts demonstrate critical thinking with evidence based from the research or personal experience. Clear connections to topics and concepts. (remember, this is not only for the initial posting, but also in your responses to others. Postings that just say “great job!” will not earn full credit.

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