Q1 –

What might be some advantages and disadvantages of using online surveys? Discuss and describe how you might do the following:

  • Choose an online survey tool/instrument (counseling styled survey)
  • Select your participants
  • Create assurance of informed consent and confidentiality
  • Evaluate the reliability and validity of your application of the survey measurement instrument

Provide at least two scholarly sources to support your responses.

Q2 –

In making decisions about your use of a mixed methods design study, describe and discuss the following:

  • How you will determine the order in which to implement qualitative and quantitative aspects of the study
  • How you will decide the extent to which each type of data [qualitative and quantitative] will be incorporated into your study
  • How you will decide if the two types of data are to be combined/mixed
  • How you will determine and apply a theory guiding the design of your study

Provide at least two scholarly sources to support your responses.

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