Week 9 discussion the chapter is included below “Mandated Training: Sexual Harassment and Diversity Training” Please respond to the following: Imagine that you are the HR Director for a Fortune 100 company that employs more than 10,000 people. In the past year, you have fielded more complaints about sexual harassment than ever before. The company’s leadership has informed you that this year’s sexual harassment training needs to be unique and very effective. In light of the leadership’s directive, you have determined that this year’s training will not be provided on-line and every employee will be required to attend training in the traditional classroom setting. (a) Will you provide the training to a mix of management and non-management employees or will you keep the managers and non-managers separate for the training? (b) If you decide to keep the management and non-management employees separate, will there be differences in the training provided to each group? If so, what will be the differences? (c) If the training is the same, how will you make sure that each group gets the information they need? Provide a rationale to support your response. Assume you are the Director for Organizational Development at a global company with 2,000 employees with offices in 10 countries, including Britain, Canada, China, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Brazil. Employees from one country are often sent to another country to work for several months to several years. Propose at least three components that should be included in diversity training for this global company. Provide a rationale to support your response. Use at least one more reference Reference Blanchard, N. E., & Thacker, J. (2013). Effective training: Systems, strategies & practice (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson

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