The Scenario: Tony Spacken, Sales Manager, has an Excel workbook listing properties for sale. If a property is sold, Select National Properties Group will finance the property loan for 30 years at 7.5% interest. If the monthly payment of a property is greater than $300,000, the company will give the buyer a 1% discount of the selling price.  Lavern Gallen is interested in purchasing the Pleasant Properties Warehouse, one of the company’s properties. She lives at 4231 Center Drive, Tempe, TX 76501. For this project, you will need the following files: New blank Access database New blank PowerPoint presentation Gallen_Letter Sale_Properties You will save your files as: Lastname_Firstname_Sale_Properties Lastname_Firstname_SNPG_Properties Lastname_Firstname_Gallen_Letter Lastname_Firstname_Sales_Presentation Open the file Sale_Properties, and then save the workbook as LastnameFirstname_Sale_Properties Copy the Properties worksheet to a new worksheet, Rename the worksheet as Payments In the Payments worksheet, convert the data to a table. In column G, insert a calculated column using the PMT function to calculate the monthly payment for each of the properties. In column H, insert a calculated column using the IF function to determine the amount of the if discount property qualifies for it. Determine the totals for columns F:H. Apply conditional formatting to cells with a selling price between $40,000,000 and $70,000,000. Copy the Payments worksheet to a new worksheet, Rename the new worksheet as Pleasant Properties Filter the table to display only the data for the Pleasant. Insert your name in the footer so that it displays on all worksheets. Create a blank Access database, and then save it as Lastname_Firstname_SNPG_Properties Import the data from the Properties worksheet. Create a query that displays all fields, except the ID field, for properties located in Florida and Georgia. Save the query as Lastname_Firstname_FL_GA Query Export the query result as an RTF file Create another query that displays all fields, except the ID field, for all properties with selling prices less than $1,000,000. Save the query as Lastname Firstname Price Query For each query, create and format a report. Save each report with the name as the query, substituting the word Report for Query. Create a PowerPoint presentation using a template of your choice; the presentation will be shown to prospective buyers attending a sales conference. Save the presentation as Lastname_Firstname_Sales_Presentation Insert the file name in the footer to display on all pages of the notes and handouts. Modify the slides to help persuade buyers to purchase property from Select National Properties Group: On one slide, inform the audience that the company sells many properties. On the same slide, link the cell from the Excel Payments worksheet that displays the total selling price. On a new slide, insert a SmartArt graphic that lists some of the different types of properties that the company develops and manages. At the end of the presentation, insert a slide that contains the contact information for Mr. Spacken. Insert additional text, pictures, and clip art to enhance the presentation. Format any text or other objects to create a professional appearance. Open the file Gallen_Letter, and then save as Lastname_Firstname_Gallen_Letter Insert the file name in the footer. Format the letterhead for Mr. Tony Spacken. Insert the current date, and then insert Lavern Gallen’s name and address and a proper salutation. Following the first paragraph, copy the SmartArt graphic from your presentation to the letter, changing text wrapping and resizing as necessary. Following the second paragraph, from Excel, on the Pleasant Properties worksheet, link cells F1:G38 (first and second row) to the Word document. Under the third paragraph, insert the RTF file listing the Florida and Georgia properties. Format the document to create a professional appearance.

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