Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000203 EndHTML:000078331 StartFragment:000004186 EndFragment:000078212 StartSelection:000004290 EndSelection:000078196 SourceURL:  SIMnet – Excel 365/2019 Capstone – Level 3 Working with Sales Data Alternate with VLOOKUP         window.SP_CDN = ‘../’;       window.SP_CB = ‘fc826db6f4973d3f8643’;       window.SP_EMBED = true; In this project, you will work with sales data from Top’t Corn, a popcorn          company with an online store, multiple food trucks, and two retail stores. You will begin          by copying the sales data for one of the retail stores from another workbook. Next, you          will insert a new worksheet and enter sales data for the four food truck locations,          formatting the data, and calculating totals. You will create a pie chart to represent the          total units sold by location and a column chart to represent sales by popcorn type. You          will format the charts, and then set up the worksheet for printing. Next, you help          Top’t Corn calculate payments for a loan and decide whether or not the purchase is          a good idea. Working with the daily sales data for one of the brick-and-mortar stores, you          will apply conditional formatting to find the top 10 sales dates. Y ou will also calculate          the sales for each date, and the average, minimum, and maximum sales. You will use Goal          Seek to find the appropriate price to reach a higher daily average sales goal. You will          use VLOOKUP to look up sales data for a specific date. Finally, you will work with their          online sales data to format it as an Excel table and apply sorting and filtering. You will          create a PivotTable and a PivotChart from a copy of the online sales data to summarize the          sales. Skills needed to complete this        project: Open a workbook Copy a worksheet to another workbook Close a workbook Insert a worksheet Name a worksheet Move a worksheet Enter text Enter numbers Edit text Autofit a column Apply a cell style Add cell shading Change font color Merge and center text across cells Apply bold formatting Apply number formatting Enter a SUM function Copy formula using AutoFill Insert a pie chart Apply a chart Quick Layout Move a chart Insert a column chart Switch the row/column in a column chart Change the chart title Apply a chart Quick Style Show chart data labels Preview how a worksheet will look when printed Change worksheet orientation Change the print margins Scale a worksheet for printing Change the color of a worksheet tab Apply a column width Calculate a loan payment with PMT Enter a simple formula using multiplication Enter a simple formula using subtraction Add cell borders Create a formula referencing cells in another worksheet Enter an AVERAGE function Use the IF function Hide a worksheet Apply date formats Apply Top Ten conditional formatting Use an absolute reference in a formula Name a range of cells Use a named range in a formula Use the MIN function in a formula Use the MAX function in a formula Wrap text Analyze data with Goal Seek Use the VLOOKUP function in a formula Convert data into a table Apply a table Quick Style Use the table Total row Sort data in a table Filter data in a table Create a PivotTable Create a PivotChart Unhide a worksheet Note: Download the resource file needed for this project from the Resources link. Make sure to extract the file after downloading the        resources zipped folder. Visit the SIMnet Instant Help for step-by-step        instructions. Open the start file EX2019-Capstone-Level3 . Note: If the workbook opens in            Protected View, click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the top of the            worksheet so you can modify it The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your          instructor, and save it Copy the OldTownStore workshee…

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