My degree is an EDD in Performance Improvement Leadership Assignment Overview In the assignment this week, you will write a paper (7–10 pages), including a literature review, that examines ethical behavior, diversity, and civil discourse in the context of your particular focus and specialization. What You Need to Know Ethical Reasoning Morris (2016) tells us: In fall 2016, more than twenty million students enrolled across more than four million colleges and universities in the U.S. One in four students were members of a minority group, and approximately one million were international students. These students interacted with approximately four million administrators and faculty and staff members in a diversity of settings. Most of these students will easily transition into a life of academics and social interactions. For others, insults, aggressions, and lack of inclusion are a reality; and these experiences will shape their interactions and perceptions . . . on the challenges facing the nation and world and considering the role that post-secondary education plays in improving civil discourse nationally and creating safe spaces for dialogue and personal growth. (p. 361) Morris (2016) goes on to argue: First, [we must] identify resources to support conversations around civil discourse, social justice, and inclusion. Could we individually and collectively in every department, college, and administrative unit resolve to make a difference—to role-model and ask our students to be kind, show compassion, be inclusive and fair, and extend a hand of friendship? Maybe our academic words, like social justice, just do not resonate. Perhaps people forget that words have power and can cause long-lasting pain or can provide encouragement. While we may study and advocate for equity, perhaps we should say that this campus and my class will discuss challenging topics; but we will be characterized by the following values: to listen, to reflect, to show compassion, to think critically, and to care about this community of learners. I know: it sounds like Robert Fulghum’s All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten (1988). However, sometimes simple guidelines work best. (p. 361) Use your Critical Thinking text to quickly review the following: Chapter 14, “Develop As an Ethical Reasoner,” pages 345–365. If you did not complete the Blooming Park: Ethics, Diversity, and Personnel Selection simulation last week, complete it now to begin work on the interviews relevant to your organization: P–12 education, higher education, business or corporate, or military. This activity will give you the opportunity to grapple with the ethical questions that frequently arise in professional contexts, which will be the focus of your assignment this week. Diversity and Multiculturalism Diversity in all organization settings can take many forms. We may consider differences across many criteria, including the following: Ethnicity. Ethnic identity. Gender. Gender identity. Culture. Ability and disability. Developmental criteria. Age and generation. Other exceptionalities. When taking account of this diversity, the principles of multicultural education encourage us to acknowledge differences, addressing the reality of each person’s experience and seeking the best possible outcomes for all. This week, you are asked how the diversity of the constituencies you serve within your organization need to be considered when planning and implementing education programming. Theories in the fields of diversity and multicultural education indicate that an important role of educators is to plan for and implement education practices that recognize the diverse needs of the people they serve. Use the Capella library to read the following: Banks, J. A. (Ed.). (2012). Encyclopedia of diversity in education . Sage. Read “Introduction” (Volume 1, starting on page xlvii). Scan “Index” (Volume 4, beginning on page 2383) for a comprehensive listing of terms and topics related t…

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