Creative Teaching: Designing Creative and Culturally Relevant Instruction For this final project, you will be a classroom teacher developing a creative and culturally relevant idea, concept, or movement for your school. Think about everything you have seen, heard, discussed, shared, and viewed over the past five weeks. What information stuck out as something you would want to implement in your school or classroom? Was there an idea that you wished you could share with your colleagues? What ideas did you discover that will help your students with being creative while also being culturally relevant? You are going to create a proposal for an idea that you would like to implement in your school. Think about to whom you would need to propose this idea? Your administrator? Colleague? PLC team? For a few more ideas to brainstorm, view this Association of School and Curriculum DevelopmentLinks to an external site. (ASCD) video. Your presentation can be formatted in a way that is appropriate to your style of presentation. You can write an essay, create a PPT with a voiceover, record a presentation with an accompanying outline (with citations and resources), or use one of the other ideas presented during this course. Included in your presentation/proposal should be the following: Content Expectations Part I: Audience and Rationale (2 points): Write an overview of the class/school/target population, including age ranges, grade(s), subject area(s), and relevant micro and macro cultural components. If you are not currently teaching, you may use a prior class, a colleague’s class, or invent demographic information. Rubric: Distinguished – Creates an effective and comprehensive overview of the class and target population, including the age range, grade and/or subject area, and other relevant micro- and macro-culture attributes in which school is situated. Part II: Outcomes (3 points): List the objectives of the instructional experience/idea/concept being proposed. Rubric: Distinguished – Develops and lists comprehensive instructional outcomes (i.e., learning objectives/standards) of the instructional experience, including the three areas from the assignment instructions. Content or Classroom Objectives 21st Century skills (emphasis on creativity) Cultural competencies to be explicitly addressed with the experience/idea/concept Part III: Context/Instructional Description (3 points): Describe more specifically how the instructional experience/idea/or concept will be used in order to meet the Outcomes (listed above). Will it include: Rubric: Distinguished – Comprehensively proposes the nature of the overall instructional context by addressing creativity, problem-solving, and a real/simulated experience. Creativity – How will creativity be encouraged? Problem solving – Will the activity focus on solving a problem? AND/OR Simulation – Will the students be involved with performing tasks that related to a real-world experience or activity? Part IV: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (8 points). Describe how and which four (at least) of these will be included in the experience/idea/concept? Rubric: Distinguished – Comprehensively describes the planned learning experiences, including at least four of the nine strategy options presented in the assignment instructions. Maximizing academic success through relevant instructional experiences Addressing cultural competence through reinforcing students’ cultural integrity Involving students in the construction of knowledge Building on students’ interests and linguistic resources Tapping home and community resources Understanding students’ cultural knowledge Using interactive and constructivist teaching strategies Examining the experience/idea/concept from multiple perspectives Promoting critical consciousness through opportunities to challenge predominant elements of students’ social norms Part V: Creativity/Innovation Strategies (8 points). Describe how and which four (at least) of these will be inc…

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