The growth and development of children is determinant of how healthcare is delivered. It is different than how healthcare is delivered to adults, mainly because of the reliance on adults and other caregivers to access medical care, as well as the evaluation of said care. Similarly, as adolescents move into adulthood, another unique set of healthcare needs and preferences are required. According to Ahrq.gov (2019), “Although the pediatric population (ages 0-21) is generally healthier than the adult population, children and adolescents are affected by a broader range of acute and chronic illnesses and injuries that require specialty care.” The timely identification and treatment of these conditions are crucial. Early intervention in terms of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development is imperative. If not cared for in childhood and adolescence, long-term health can be negatively impacted (Ahrq.gov, 2019). Additionally, new morbidities are becoming common as is related to children’s healthcare. In Unit 6 Lecture 2, it is explained that alcohol and drug abuse, violence, emotional disorders, and learning problems are contributing to how child healthcare is delivered. The lecture also expounds on the different sectors of programs, of which are disconnected, including primary and specialty services, immunization and abuse prevention programs, and nutrition programs such as WIC and other family support (Unit 6, Lecture 2). All of these implications are essential to the delivery of healthcare to children. Christian healthcare administrators should heed to all precautions and measures that are required to care for children so that transition into adulthood is smooth. Jesus loved children, and special needs of children should be meticulously addressed, because of the unique issues that present in regards to health. “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:14, NLT).

Ahrq.gov. (2019). Children/Adolescents | Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality. [online] Available at: https://www.ahrq.gov/topics/childrenadolescents.ht… [Accessed 24 Sep. 2019].

Unit 6, Lecture 2, Belhaven University


Christ Jesus has all the answers to whatever the problems are. The problems should be taken to God in prayer. The barriers that maybe present that serve children include distinct eligibility, administrative and funding criteria. According to Shi & Singh (2015), “the patchwork of disconnected programs also makes it difficult to obtain health care in an integrated and coordinated fashion” (p. 431). The reading assignment discussed three broad sectors.
The three sectors that the program can be categorized into the following areas, the personal medical and preventive services sector, the population-based community health services sector and the health-related support services sector. The personal medical and preventive services sector is affiliated with hospitals, private/public medical offices and health centers. The facility deals with primary and specialty medical services. The population-based health services have two basic services. The services are disease prevention services and community-wide health promotion. The facility helps children with chronic diseases and infants with disabilities, child abuse and child neglect. According to Shi & Singh (2015), “the health-related support services sector includes such services as nutrition education, early intervention, rehabilitation, and family support programs (p. 432).

Health care delivery system is the organized system which provides health facilities or services to the patients for assuring the nation’s healthcare. Children are very different from adults. The different ways are with the behavior, mannerism and health conditions. The unique characteristics are developmental vulnerability, dependency and new morbidities.

Shi, L. & Singh, D. (2015). Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach. (6th ed.). Burlington, MA. Jones & Barlett Learning

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