Please follow the directions everything is in the assignment content. Signature Assignment: AZELLA Report Analysis and Lesson Modifications Complete Parts 1 and 2 below. Part 1 – AZELLA Student Report Analysis Scenario : Mauricio is a 4-grade English learner (EL) student in Ms. Hendrix’s class whose Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) scores are as follows: MAURICIO’S    SCORE REPORT AZELLA Domain Score Proficiency    Level * Reading 225 Basic * Writing 215 Basic Listening 227 Basic Speaking 400 Proficient Language   (Conventions/Vocabulary) 220 Basic Oral (Listening/Speaking) 241 Intermediate Comprehension   (Reading/Listening) 225 Basic *Total Combined Score 2419 Basic *To be considered overall proficient, students must achieve Proficient in the Total Combined Score as well as the Reading and Writing scores. The chart below explains the AZELLA Proficiency Levels and Descriptors. Overall    Proficiency Level Overall    Proficiency Level Descriptors Proficient · The student consistently understands and   produces social and academic English. · The student independently reads and   comprehends key information in grade-appropriate texts. · The student writes paragraphs in various writing   applications using grade-level vocabulary and simple, compound, and complex   sentences with a variety of verb tenses. Intermediate · The student has a moderate ability to   understand and produce academic English. · The student has a moderate ability to   independently read and comprehend grade-appropriate text. · The student writes sentences demonstrating   some control of conventions, grammatical structures, and academic vocabulary. Basic · The student has a limited understanding of   academic and social English and produces short phrases and simple sentences   with common construction patterns. · The student has limited ability to decode and   comprehend text read independently. · The student writes simple sentences with   limited control of conventions, grammar, and vocabulary. Pre-Emergent / Emergent · The student has an extremely limited and   inconsistent understanding of social and academic English. · With instructional/environmental support, the   student can formulate simple phrases and sentences orally and in writing. Create a diagram that includes the following information based on Mauricio’s student report. Complete the following in your diagram: · Identify his strengths, challenges, and resulting instructional needs. · Identify examples of assessments you could use to help him improve in those areas. · Describe examples of home activities to support in all the challenging areas. Part 2 – UDL Lesson Modifications Scenario: Mauricio’s 4th-grade teacher, Ms. Hendrix, will be teaching a lesson to the class about Regions. You are the school’s EL coordinator and Ms. Hendrix has come to you for ideas on how she could modify her lesson plan to support Mauricio’s language needs based on his AZELLA results. Using the table below, modify Ms. Hendrix’s traditional lesson about Regions into a lesson that incorporates the 3 UDL guidelines: 1. Multiple Means of Representation (What) 2. Multiple Means of Action and Expression (How) 3. Multiple Means of Engagement (Why) Incorporate at least 1 technology tool or resource in your modifications. Traditional Lesson Plan UDL Lesson Plan Goal: Students will read the “What is a Region?” chapter in their   textbook and answer the review questions at the end of the chapter in   handwritten responses. Goal: Focus: Understand what a region is. Focus: Materials: Textbook, lecture, Microsoft© PowerPoint© presentation, and worksheet Materials: Instruction: 10:00–10:30 — Whole-group: The   teacher summarizes the main ideas in the textbook chapter using a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and lecture. 10:30–10:40 — Independent work:   Students complete the True-or-False worksheet that describes examples and   non-examples of regions. 10:40–…

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