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Good HR planning begins with solid research on the work that needs doing in your organization. This process is called Job Analysis.

This assignment will walk you through the Job Analysis process of researching information about a job and analyzing the data collected. You will use the data collected for this assignment to complete next week’s assignment (so be sure to save your data!).

RESEARCH: Go to the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database at Choose a job that interests you. Write down the O*NET-SOC code number and title of the occupation. Review the information available on both the Summary Report and the Detailed Report for this occupation.

ANALYZE: In this step you decide which items on the O*NET reports are most important for success in this job:

Tasks, Responsibilities, and Duties. List items you would include in describing what this job does. Include appropriate information from the Task, Work Activities, and Detailed Work Activities areas.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. List items you consider important for someone to have to be able to do this job well. Include appropriate information from the Knowledge, Skills, Technology Skills, and Abilities areas.

Education and Related Experience. These are on the Detail Report page.


Based on your research and analysis of the job information on the O*NET report for your chosen job, list the following on your document:

1. O*NET / SOC Code Number and Occupation Title

2. Tasks, Responsibilities, and Duties

3. Knowledge

4. Skills

5. Abilities

6. Education and Related Experience

A quality response should be approximately 400 – 600 words.

Prepare your document according to the guidelines in the How do I do that? module under Course Resources. Attach your assignment file and submit through the next page in this assignment module.

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