Review the “Writing Objectives and Learning Goals” template and the topic materials for samples of measureable learning objectives. Teachers must align all lessons and assessments to content standards. Typically, each standard is broad and should be broken down into teacher-written learning objectives in order to plan lessons. Teachers write learning targets that are aligned to standards for each specific lesson in order to narrow the focus of the lesson. For this assignment, you will write learning objectives and analyze lesson plans for their alignment. Part 1: Learning Objectives Using the “Learning Objective Table,” identify a grade level, select a math and English language arts (ELA) state standard, and write a learning objective for each content area standard you chose. The table clearly identifies what you want students to know and be able to do in an ELA lesson and in a math lesson. Note that a learning objective is aligned to the standard and includes both a statement of what the student is to know and do because of instruction and the criteria for evaluating performance. Part 2: Deconstruct Lesson Plan Research and identify a lesson plan online that includes a standard and learning objective. In 250-500 words, deconstruct and critique the alignment of the chosen lesson plan to the standard. Your critique should answer the following questions: Is the lesson aligned to a standard? Does the learning objective state what students need to know and/or do because of instruction? Is the content of the lesson aligned to the learning objective? What changes or revisions might you make to this lesson plan to ensure its alignment to the standard and learning objective?

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