Make sure a copy of your assignment is sitting in your Home Directory (I: drive) when you submit your assignment in case you have any problems. Make sure you Zip your Word Document. Do not submit RAR files, they will receive a mark of 0. By having your file in your Home Directory and not edited after the due date, I am able to tell if you completed the assignment on time or not if something goes wrong with the Dropbox. Rubric Name: A1 Windows Basics F14 Criteria Document wasn’t zipped. Name and ID # present at top of document. Missing Screenshot shows only Microsoft Word. Screenshot shows Word as well as some other part of the desktop or screen. Name and ID are visible in the screenshot of the Word document. Missing Screenshot 2 shows entire screen / desktop including the taskbar. Entire desktop screen not visible / improper screenshot. Screenshot 2 shows Excel as active application (on top). It may be hiding partially behind the instruction screen. Missing. Screenshot 2 shows Word, Excel, and PowerPoint still open. Missing or improper screenshot. Screenshot 3 shows only File Explorer. 0 = Missing / 1 = improper screenshot. Screenshot 3 does not show Missing / Improper screenshot Screenshot 3 should show office_files folder . Missing or improper screenshot. Screenshot 3 shows 2 required Word documents. Missing or Improper screenshot. A1 and CP102 folders visible in screenshot 3. Capitalization not required. Missing or improper screenshot. Overall Score

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