9 pages using 11 or 12-point font, 1.5 line-spaced, and double-spaced between paragraphs. Use the section headings provided below. All sources are to be cited and referenced in APA style. Please refer to your APA Manual.

The organization is the National Urban League

  • SECTION 2: Goals Assessment
    • What is the organization’s vision and mission? What are the formal organizational goals? What are the organization’s values?
    • Who establishes the organization’s goals?
    • How is effectiveness measured?
    • How is performance reported to the public?
    • Do the vision, mission, goals, and values align? Explain.
    • Which of the organization’s goals do you think conflict? Explain.
    • How do the values impact organizational decision-making? Explain.
    • How does politics impact the organization’s vision, mission, values, and goals?
  • SECTION 3: Environmental Analysis
  • SECTION 4: Organizational Structure Analysis
    • How is the organization structured?
    • Are the organization’s services provided through a network?
    • Based on what you have learned in this course, is your organization’s structure appropriate for its environment? Explain.
    • How does politics impact the organization’s structure?
  • SECTION 5: Critical Problem (and presentation)

Examine the organization’s vision, mission, goals, and values. This section of the report should address most of the following questions COMBINED IN ESSAY FORM:

Please do not provide a list of answers, but incorporate the answers to these questions into an insightful narrative.

In this section you will conduct an environmental analysis. Using Exhibit 4.1 (p. 88) as a guide, describe the environment in which the organization operates with respect to the following conditions:

  • Political conditions
  • Economic conditions
  • Demographic (social) conditions
  • Technological conditions

Be sure to examine the historical trends for each of these conditions. For additional information on environmental analysis, you might visit http://pestleanalysis.com/what-is-environmental-analysis/

Evaluate the organization’s structure by addressing the following questions:

Incorporate your answers to these questions into a narrative; do not provide a list of answers.

Identify what you think is the most significant problem facing the organization. When identifying a problem, think broadly about the topics that you studied in this course. “My organization has not found a cure for Ebola” is a serious problem, but it is not related to this course.“My organization is not structured effectively to facilitate research on finding a cure for Ebola” would make the problem course related. Consider how your organization might benefit from the application of organization theory concepts by improving performance, leadership, decision-making, motivation, service provision, client/citizen relations, or other concepts to understand and resolve this problem.Recommend what you think would be an effective approach to resolving the problem confronting the organization.


The class presentation focuses on Section 5 of the Research Project in reporting on the most critical problem confronting the organization.A suggested approach to the presentation is to briefly describe the organization, identify the most critical problem, discuss how organization theory might suggest possible solutions, and set out the approach you think would be most effective in solving the problem. Presentation using should be approximately 10 to 12 slides.

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