· Background: We have seen how simple data analysis and simple graphs assist us with telling the story of raw datasets. Now we will learn how the use of advanced graphs play a major “drilling down” deep into the meaning of the data. Assignment: Use RStudio to generate advanced graphs (using the ggplot2 package) using the dataset below. Graphs to Produce: ggplot2 – Bar Plot: (Use dataset_student_survey_data.csv) x=Smoke fill=Exer position=dodge facet=Sex x-label=Smoker y-label=Counts title=The Exercise habits of Male and Female students      that smoke ggplot2 – Histogram: (Use dataset_us_car_price_data.csv) x=Price fill=Type facet=Type x-label=Price y-label=Freq title=Car Price Distribution based on Car Type ggplot2 – Box Plot: (Use dataset_production_of_rice_in_india.csv) x=varieties y=price fill=bimas facet=status x-label=Rice Varieties x-label=Price title=India Rice Prices based on Varieties, Land      Status, and Bimas Program ggplot2 – Scatter Plot: (Use dataset_production_of_rice_in_india.csv) x=price y=wage shape=bimas col=bimas facet=status method=lm se=F x-label=Rice Price y=Wage title=India Rice Prices vs Wage broken down by Land      Status and Bimas Program Please put all screen shots in a MS Word (other word processors are fine to use but save it in MS Word format). Don’t upload the screen shots individually in the assignment folder! Submit your assignment on or before the due date.

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