Scenario: You are an intern assigned to help out a museum director work on updating and expanding or renovating some exhibits on the Antebellum era. Choose 2 of the following chapters. Only 2 chapters will be graded. Do not submit 2 documents – put both answers in one and submit as a pdf, doc or docx file.

Chapter 12 – The director wants to know if the museum should focus on the religious nature of reform movements or the movements as a reaction to industrialization? Help the director make a decision using three reform movements from the Davidson text (no outside sources allowed) to support your point. Cite examples in footnotes.

Chapter 13 – The museum wants patrons to understand the Old South. Patrons will see the phrase “Many people have the idea that the Old South … but it is important to know … “ Finish off these thoughts to help the director get an idea of how to expand the exhibit. Provide at least 3-5 examples including at least 1 image, chart or map from the Davidson chapter (no other sources allowed). Cite examples in footnotes.

Chapter 14 – Trying to understand the West of the 1830s-1850s can be difficult for museum visitors. They often think of cowboys but their heyday wasn’t until the 1870s. Help the director decide what will help patrons understand the West of the 1820s-1850s better: the Overland Trail or Race Relations in the region. Provide 3-5 good examples from the Davidson text (no other sources allowed) to support your point. Cite examples in footnotes.

Same formatting requirements as the previous tasks.

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